Presidents Message

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organising and Scientific Committees, we have the honour of inviting you to participate in the 2nd Scientific Symposium on Assisted Reproduction ‘New Horizons in IVF’, organised by the ‘Conception of Life’ Assisted Reproduction Scientific Society, which is to be held in the ‘Banquet’ Hall of the Athens Concert Hall on 10-12 January 2019.

Rapid developments in the sector of Biotechnology have decisively contributed to the progress of Assisted Reproduction and to the improvement of its methods. These developments and the new data will be the main object of the Symposium’s works. At the same time, new data in the surgical treatment of Endometriosis will also be discussed.

Participants in the 2nd Scientific Symposium will include internationally renowned speakers, representing the most advanced and pioneering techniques in Assisted Reproduction being applied and explored in clinical practice today. Specifically:

  • Assisted Reproduction Specialists: C. Stratakis, K. Barnhart, R. Scott, A. Pellicer, H. Fatemi, D. De Ziegler,K. Kawamura, E. Lambarta and others.
  • Endometriosis Specialists: C. Chapron, F. Petraglia, V. Chiantera, J. Εnglish, A. De Giovanni, J. Keckstein, J. Donnez and others.
  • Expert Scientists – Researchers: D. Egli, S. Mitalipov, E. Telfer, E. Fragouli, K. Spaeth, N. Costa Borges, B. Heindryckx

During the Symposium, the most experienced executives of Assisted Reproduction Units will hold discussions on new developments, achievements, and results of research programmes that have been implemented recently in Greece and internationally.

Specialised infertility subjects will be expanded upon, from ovulation induction and luteal phase support, to newer advanced techniques, such as in vitro ovarian tissue activation, the first human ovum created in the lab, in vitro therapeutic genomic editing, as well as new data in the broader use of ‘Spindle Transfer’ in clinical application.

Lastly, a Teleconference will be organised in the framework of the Symposium, in cooperation with the ASRM’s (American Society of Reproduction Medicine) ‘Fertility Sterility’ Journal, under the supervision of Professor Dominique De Ziegler, on the use of mitochondria in reproduction. The discussion will be watched live by more than 7000 members of ASRM in 100 countries around the world.

Considering that your participation will greatly contribute to the success of our Symposium, we hope to welcome you to its works.

Best regards,

The Presidents
of the Organizing Committee
Kontantinos Kostaras – Panagiotis Psathas

The President
of the International Advisory Board
Dominique De Ziegler

The President
of the Scientific Committee
Themis Mantzavinos